About Impact

Impact, a non-profit Nebraska visual arts organization, was founded in 1985—its mission to educate through outreach programs and exhibitions. From inception, Impact has been recognized for professionalism and a high level of creative expression.


Lewis and Clark Exhibit Opening, Prairie Arts Center


Impact offers four to five major exhibition packages which rotate periodically, each with a focus theme. These themes evolve from Nebraska or mid plains regional sources, but must have national appeal. Exhibits are available to large and small venues, both regionally and nationally. Impact's shows continue to generate widespread interest and provide a high quality educational experience.


Member artists work in a broad range of styles and media. Membership is limited to twenty-five Nebraska artists, nationally recognized within their respective artistic disciplines. Artists are elected through an independent jury. Each member is committed to four years, participating in all programs, exhibitions, and meetings. Many of the founding members continue to be a part of the organization, a testament to their commitment and the organization's success.

Impact Nebraska Artists:


Roberta Barnes

Marcia Bauerle

Wava Best

Jo Brown

Patricia Coslor

Ben Darling

Karen Dienstbier

David Dorsey

Judy Greff

Janna Harsch

Susan Hart

Ken Hosmer

Beth Jasnoch

Howard Kaye

Sammy Lynn

Sandra Meyer

Julia Noyes

Amy Sadle

Patricia Schemmer

Donna Schimonitz

Lois Smith

Patsy Smith

Norma Stevens

Jana Van Housen