Skyscape Exhibit

In Nebraska the sky is always prevalent.

Mysterious, enchantingly beautiful, and at times foreboding, it is inescapably entwined into the fabric of our daily lives.


What might you see when you look . . . into the sky?

Amy Sadle- Reflected Sunset - oil 18x24 Ben Darling-Sunset in the Draw-oil on canvas 19x37 David Dorsey-Her Starry Night-acrylic 30x30 Donna Schimonitz-I See a Fish-acrylic 21x28 Howard Kaye-Heavens-watercolor 20x16 Jana Van Housen-Of a Feather-oil on canvas 16x20 Janna Harsch-Hwy 6 Red Dusk-alkyd on copper 15x35 Jo Brown-Floating Clouds-watermedia 36x36 Judy Greff-Iron Crosses II-acrylic drybrush 18x24 Julia Noyes-Aurora Borealis- acrylic mixed media 15x30 Karen Dienstbier-Journey Series Beyond the Horizon-oil on paper 35x27 Ken Hosmer-After the Rain-acrylic on canvas 24x30 Lois Smith-Skyscape Tapestry-watercolor 24x30 Marcia Bauerle-Freedom Sky-mixed media 16x20 Norma Stevens-Approaching Wonder-watercolor 21x26 Patricia Coslor-Big Sky-acrylic on canvas 9x12 Patricia Schemmer-Red in the Morning-photograpy 20x30 Patsy Smith-Changing Skies-oil 24x30 Roberta Barnes-Glory Day-oil on canvas 14x18 Sammy Lynn-Outlook-batik 26x14 Sandra Meyer-Sedona Sunset-acrylic 18x24 Susan Hart-There was Evening then Morning-mixed media collage 19x19 Wava Best-Into the Night-porcelain 13 inch dia jquery iframe lightboxby v6.1