Kooser Exhibit

Artists respond to poems by the 13th United States Poet Laureate and Pulitzer recipient, Ted Kooser.
A beautiful and popular exhibit held over for the 10th and final year. . .don't miss out!


Famed for his plain-spoken, homespun and evocative poetry, Kooser has inspired great variety from Impact artists. There is an abstract view of spring and December landscape in porcelain. Other works include, reclaimed metal sculpture, batik, pastel, oil, watercolor, woodcut print, and collage.


A descriptor for each piece, includes the poem or section of poetry interpreted by the artist.

See Ted Kooser Video

Amy Sadle-Neighborhood Nation-print 24x36 Ben Darling-Near Garland in June-oil 24x36 Beth Josnoch-Bring It On-reclaimed metal 20x10x7 David Dorsey-The Road Home-acrylic 8x10 Donna Schimonitz-Barn Owl-acrylic 24x36 Howard Kaye-A Happy Birthday-watercolor 24x36 Jana Van Housen-Low Maintenance Romance-oil on canvas Janna Harsch-Roadpegs-alkyd & pastel on aluminum Jo Brown-Telescope-mixed media 36x24 Judy Greff-For Ted-acrylic 12x6 Julia Noyes-Spring-mixed media 24x36 Karen Dienstbier-Journey Series Geronimos Mirror-oil on paper Ken Hosmer-Flying at Night-watermedia 29x23 Lois Smith-A Jar of Buttons-watercolor Marcia Bauerle-As If Spring Were a Feast-mixed media Norma Stevens-Iris House-watercolor 31x16 Patricia Coslor-Delights and Shadows-acrylic 16x16 Patricia Schemmer-Something Went Wrong-pastel 14x17 Patsy Smith-A New Spin on Spring Plowed Fields-watermedia 24x36 Roberta Barnes-Winter River-acrylic Sammy Lynn-Nils and Lydia-batik 22x28 Sandra Meyer-Country Cemetery-watercolor 20x26 Susan Hart-Interdependent Elements-collage 29x23 Wava Best-December Landscape-porcelain 17x8x3 jquery iframe lightboxby VisualLightBox.com v6.1